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bronson, ebikes, hofford mill, lehighton, weissport, poconos

Wednesday & Thursday:  9am to 4pm

Friday:  9am to 7pm

Saturday:  9am to 5pm

Sunday:  9am to 2pm

Monday & Tuesday:  Closed


Bronson EBikes & Trikes Inc is a small family business started through Hotwash Truckwash which is a small local truck wash. Hotwash specializes in semi trucks, food-grade washouts, and RV washing.

Truck drivers get stuck on the road and can not always get to where they need to be, these high performance technology e-bikes and e-trikes can get them to where they need to be. Hotwash Inc and Bronson EBikes & Trikes Inc collaborate continuously and work together as a team.

Bronson EBikes & Trikes Inc. mission is to provide electric bicycles and tricycles that offer high performance technology to make you go further and faster.

We target audiences such as RV enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and many more.

Bronson has all styles of bike including the classic old fashion look to everyday bicycles that you see on the road.

Electric bikes allow you to go further and faster no matter where you are or what you need to do.

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